Display vertical profile of swarm data

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I have nearly 1000 events, mostly of volcanic origin, in my database which I would like to view in 3D or at least display vertically rather than Lat Lon map view in SCMV. It would be interesting to see the vertical distribution of these events. In Seisan Explorer I can use the V command to open seismicity viewer which allows me to view selected events in 3D. Is there any way of doing similar in Seiscomp?

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SeisComP3 can connect to the Seismicity Viewer from NonLinLoc [1]. To extract specific event information for displaying them in your optimized way use scquery [2].


[1] https://docs.gempa.de/seiscomp3/current/apps/global_nonlinloc.html
[2] https://docs.gempa.de/seiscomp3/current/apps/scquery.html

Ok Dirk, thank you for the assistance. I have gotten scquery to work and am able to create a list of events into a txt file. I have also gotten seismicity viewer to show up in scolv. When I click on the button, seismicity viewer opens up showing no data. I am yet to figure out how to get scquery to output a file in a format which seismicity viewer will read or am I missing something?

scquery will not interact with Seismicity Viewer but you can write your own applications to process / visualize the output.


I got my problem solved by installing both Seisan and SC2SEI on the computer running Seiscomp3. I then used SC2SEI to export all my events into the Seisan database. Once done I merged the exported database with my Seisan database on my windows machine. I now have all my events going back to 2009 in one Seisan database. I can now use Seisan to do some more detailed processing and visualize the events in 3D using Seismicity Viewer.


Good to hear :slight_smile: someone using a piece of product which I was involved in. (SC2SEI)


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