Dear All morning,

I am looking for an answer why md is not working in my seiscomp3. I did all the configurations it required, but who knows maybe something unimportant escape me. I would appreciate if someone briefs the configuration for me!

secondly, I would like to put a local velocity model in .nd file form. I can’t find any of this input files in the “tables” folder! Where am I suppose to search for this file or someone send me a copy if you mind, thank you.

thanking in advance

have All a nice day


Hello Dushi,

Regarding md, can you be more specific ?

What is not working ?

In automatic mode ?
In manual mode with scolv ?
It outputs obviously wrong values ?
It never output any value ?
It fails to load the plugin ?

As you have seen, SC3 is a rather complete solution and there are plenty of (good) reasons why a plugin like md wouldn’t do what you expect.
We need to know more than an simple

md is not working

to help you.